Builder / Pilot Laurent Sobota

Finally, after start this project 12 years ago, it could be real.
I’ve started this kit in 2012 in france, and I’ve stopped 3 year when I was moving to switzerland as I didn’t had a garage in my house (I had to build a workshop for).
When I’ve received my permit to fly on the 5 of april this year, I couldn’t realise that this project could have an end. And so I had to start my tailwheel endorsement as I’ve never done taildragger before.
After 30 landing on Piper cub + 5 on RV7 I felt confident enough to make the HB-YSL fly.
I choose a day perfect, without wind, nice temperature, and so lets go ! It was the first of may, weather and traffic was calm, not as my nerve 😉 But finally, the fly was wonderful, the plane flew perfectly, so fast !
I can just say that the reward really worth all the effort ! Now I’m looking forward to end the test period and I work on my paintscheme too 😉

02.05.2024 Laurent Sobota