Pilot Stefan Schürpf / builder Boris Meylan

This is a factory assisted built aircraft. I spent all my holidays in Monopoli ( in Puglia, Italy ) during 3 years in order to complete the construction of the aircraft. I must say I had a fantastic time there and I let you imagine how many things I learnt from the team over there.

The Blackshape has a full carbon airframe and therefore many specific equipment is needed for its construction (vacuum pump, large dimension oven, etc…) so it would not have been possible to built it in my garage.

At the time I built my airplane in Monopoli the Blackshape factory was not certified ( ULM aircrafts only ). But the team was composed of very qualified people in each field ( for the production of the carbon components I learnt the job with a very experienced man who was former Ferrari racing team member and who built at the time the car of Michael Schumacher….).

Any way … a beautiful adventure … and a dream that becomes true !

18.03.2023 Boris Meylan